Alzheimer’s and Dementia Can Be Slowed Down and Prevented

I wanted to talk to you a little bit about Alzheimer’s and Dementia. 

It’s a scary disease that takes you down slowly over many years. It’s very difficult on that person and the family. 

But, did you know that more than 90% of cancers and Alzheimer’s is NOT due to genes? Only about 2% is because of genes. 

So, why is it becoming so common? By 2050, Alzheimer’s is supposed to triple! 

This is because of epigenetics – your gene expression changes based on exposure to toxins, lifestyle, nutrition, and most of all your gut microbiome.

I’m Dr. Maya Thomas and I’ve been in practice, in neurology and sleep medicine, for over 20 years practicing conventional medicine. It’s a disease model. You come to me with a symptom and I diagnose you with a disease, and treat it with medication. But, it never really addresses the reason why you developed the disease in the first place. That’s where functional medicine comes in. It addresses the root cause of the problem. 

I made this change to functional medicine when I was dealing with reflux issues. But that wasn’t the case when I started. I was originally following the normal protocol and taking medications for it, but it wasn’t addressing the problem at the root issue. I was just masking the issue. It was reducing the stomach acid and that caused a chain reaction and a bunch of other problems. That’s where people start to develop autoimmune disorders. I was eventually able to reverse the reflux and got off the medications.

With functional medicine we look at your gut health, your inflammation, your toxin exposure, your sleep, and optimizing immunity. 

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