Meditation: Should I Try It?

Meditation is unfamiliar and foreign to most people, so they don’t even consider trying it. It doesn’t help that Hollywood makes it seem like monks are the only people who meditate. In reality, meditation is a well studied practice that has a variety of excellent benefits. It is becoming increasingly popular and recognized in a wide population.

The Benefits of Meditation:

Increase calmness
Promote happiness
Reduce stress
Feel more in control

All these things sound like they’d help with a good night’s sleep, right? Well, it’s true. Meditation can be a great part of a healthy sleep routine.

How to Meditate

Meditation comes in many forms. Some people like to set aside an hour for it, while others just need a few minutes. Regardless of how much time you meditate, it can bring great benefits. However, practice makes a big difference. Meditation is very much a learned skill.

The whole point of meditation is mindfulness. This doesn’t mean letting your thoughts wander, or making your mind go blank. It means being very self-aware of what you’re feeling, thinking and sensing. It is being in the moment, not lost in the past or future.

The biggest challenge to those learning meditation is that their minds easily wander. When this happens, slowly acknowledge what you are thinking about, why it’s distracting, and breathe. Then bring yourself back to the present, and focus on your regular breathing.

Beginners find it helpful to have guided meditation. This means to have someone guiding meditation process. They may give suggestions for posture breathing, and thinking. YouTube and many other outlets have experienced people giving guided meditations of various lengths.

Make sure you find a quiet, peaceful place, and that you sit with good posture.

Transcendental Meditation

What we’ve described above is called mindfulness meditation. This isn’t the only way to meditate. Many people find transcendental meditation easier and more effective. This is the practice of becoming more aware through the recitation of a mantra.

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