New Office Location for Dr. Maya Thomas, Sleep Doctor

Sleep Medicine and Neurology Clinic

Dr. Thomas, a leading sleep physician in the Salt Lake City area, has moved her sleep disorder clinic to a new location. The new location is even better equipped to serve the people in Murray, Sandy, Holladay, Salt Lake City and beyond.

More Space

The new location will have a 5-bed lab for sleep testing and diagnostics, important for range of sleep disorders, from sleep apnea to restless leg syndrome to narcolepsy.

Clinical Sleep Educator

Our team now includes a clinical sleep educator, who will provide critical sleep education, mask fitting and CPAP compliance, to ensure the highest level of care at our clinic.

Now Taking Pediatric Sleep Disorder Patients

Pediatric sleep disorders can be a very serious issue, not only for the child but for the entire family. Poor sleep quality or quantity in children is associated with a variety of academic, behavioral, developmental and social issues. They also can affect family dynamics. If your child has trouble falling or staying asleep, has sleep apnea or sleepwalks, consider seeing Dr. Thomas for a consultation.

We care about our patients, and want to make sure we’re providing the most modern, most complete and accurate sleep disorder testing and treatment. We understand how important sleep is for overall health and safety, so we’re your allies for better wellbeing. Come see us at our new location, to see how we can better serve you.

New Location:

999 Murray Holladay Road, suite 201

Millcreek, UT 84117

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