New Research On Gut Health

Clinical nutritionist Christa Orecchio and gut microbiome expert Dr. Jack Tips, Ph.D., discuss new developments in the field of gut health. Having a healthy microbiome lowers the inflammation body wide, so the body can better function. It also has tremendous impact on mood, the immune system, and sleep.

These two experts discuss new research, including gut flora biodiversity. We are the most healthy when have our own bacteria the way the microbiome was set up originally. It’s not just a few strands of bacteria that are beneficial. If we have lost some of our cultures, it’s important to get the whole diversity of the bacteria back.

Another important area of research is the impact of stress on the gut microbiome.

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How to support gut biodiversity

Through the years, we may have disturbed our gut microbiome, and depleted the biodiversity. One of the best ways to regain biodiversity is to eat a healthy diet full of fiber and resistant starch. This helps the immune system push the gut bacteria to mutate and therefore support healthy gut bacteria. Good types of resistant starch include green papaya, cassava, and green bananas. Build a good ecosystem, and feel the benefits!

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