The Causes of Insomnia

Work, kids, school, stress and a thousand other things can affect our sleep. Millions feel like the level of sleep they’re getting is insufficient, but how does one know if it is time to go see a medical professional to resolve insomnia?

The Kinds of Insomnia

Your neighbor’s sleep troubles are most likely differently than your own. Some have trouble falling asleep, others have trouble staying asleep, and still others experience limb movements when they sleep. These issues can be stress related, medication related or breathing related, to name a few causes.

What to Do About Insomnia

Inadequate sleep should first be countered by improving your sleep habits, also called sleep hygiene. Certain things are key to establishing a healthy nights sleep:

  • Wake up at the same time each day.
  • Don’t nap.
  • Avoid coffee and tea, which act as stimulants.
  • Establish a bedtime routine to calm yourself into sleep.
  • Make sure your sleep environment is comfortable.

Good sleep partially depends on good habits, according to sleep experts. A bedtime routine is very important, because going from full speed and energy to sleep is nearly impossible except for in cases of severe exhaustion.

When Is It Serious?

For those who’ve tried their best to establish the best sleep patterns, and still struggle to feel rested in the morning, treatments are available. Our sleep diagnostic tests can help us determine the issues you’re dealing with and how to treat them.

Remember that sleep is essential for overall good health. A large body of research connects many health problems with lack of sleep. This is why sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment can be so important for improving quality of life.


After we go through some diagnostic tests, we’ll be better able to know how to best treat your insomnia. Treatment may involve:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy. This can be effective for those experiencing insomnia due to stress, worry, depression or other mental conditions.
  • Medications. We’ll help you choose the right sleeping medication at the right dose.
  • Circadian rhythm treatments. Resetting your body’s clock can be very effective.