Starchy Foods, Coffee, Vitamin B Shots, Cleanses: Answering Common Questions

We’re always looking for reliable health advice to better navigate the increasingly complicated health world. We’ve found some videos from a Dr. Gundry that may be helpful.

See here.

Dr. Gundry talks about a few common concerns people have, like how much coffee is too much, whether or not juice cleanses are worthwhile, and about artificial sweeteners. Watch his videos to have some of your questions answered.

Juice Cleanses

Juice or lemon cleanses are really necessary, according to Dr. Gundry. If you’re going to fast from food, just fast with water, not juices, which are mostly sugar. Insulant resistant people and those with pre-diabetes should not do juice cleanses.


This trendy drink can be really good for you. Look at the sugar content, however. There are Kombuchas that are simply soda pop disguised as a health drink. Kevita is a good brand, depending on the type.

When reading labels for sugar content, remember to look at a serving size, and multiply serving size by the total carbohydrates, to see how much sugar really is in the complete drink.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artifiicial sweeteners are just as bad as regular sugar, because they affect your gut bacteria. Stevia is safer. Artificail sweeteners can actually increase appetite. This leads to weight gain.

Diet can greatly affect sleep, so the more you learn about how to have a better eating system, the better it is for sleep.

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