We’ve helped hundred of people get a better night’s sleep, and it’s changed their lives. If you think you might be experiencing any of the symptoms of sleep apnea or other sleeping disorders, contact us today. Have a look at few of our success stories in the words of our own patients!

J.W., November, 2018
Holly does a fantastic, professional fitting experience. I am so glad to have this support.

Atia K., November, 2018
Amazing Staff. Very thorough and helpful.

Anon., October, 2018
The sleep study could not have gone better. Both technicians were helpful, friendly, and very attentive. I had worried needlessly. It was all quite pleasant. I’m looking forward to receiving the results. Excellent care from the staff. Excellent accommodations.

Anon., October, 2018
Accommodations are excellent. Adrian is very good at putting patients at ease. He works efficiently and confidently. Overall, a pleasant experience.

Lia, October, 2018
Has your quality of life improved since receiving care from Dr. Thomas?
YES! I’m less tired, less anxious, losing weight, and happier.

B., October, 2018

Dr. Thomas listens and is very thorough! Plus she really cares about her patients! She is so knowledgable and I feel safe in her care. She is a consummate professional but is open to all possibilities (rare in medicine today). Outstanding doctor! Office staff very efficient and kind.

Kay, September, 2018

The journey with Dr. Thomas is a good one. I would highly recommend everyone here. Great staff and doctor. Your staff is so friendly and helpful. An office visit is a pleasure.

Alan, March, 2018

I was diagnosed with Upper Airway restriction in 2012. Since going on CPAP, my mental clarity, energy level, and overall physical health has been significantly improved since my sleep study. Dr. Thomas sees me yearly and analyzes my results and makes necessary changes to my CPAP settings for an optimal experience. She stays on top of current research studies and is always up-to-date with new developments.

Jay & Janet, January, 2018

Maya Thomas is absolutely amazing, intelligent, communicative, caring and kind. We love her.

Jessica, December, 2017

I have been a sleepy person my entire life; naps nearly every day for as long as I can remember and always sleeping in after taking at least 30 minutes to fall asleep. After I was done growing, done having kids and changing my diet (Celiac diagnosis), I had nothing left to blame my chronic fatigue and headaches on. Very vivid dreams always left me feeling like I ran around in my head all night long and never rested when I woke. I am a tall, thin, female and I never expected to be diagnosed with Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS), a “partial collapse of the airway resulting in increased resistance to airflow”.

When I went in to Dr. Thomas in June, I had an ESS (Epworth Sleep Scale) score of 18, indicative of narcolepsy. I did an overnight polysomnography sleep study at the Intermountain Neurology and Sleep Center. My total AHI (Apnea Hypopnea Index) was 1.2/hr which, according to most doctors and insurance companies, is “normal” and not considered as a sleep disorder. My total RDI (respiratory disturbance index) which measures RERAs (respiratory-effort related arousals) was 25.9 during REM and 8.7/hr the rest of the night. My O2 levels never dropped below 90%.

I have been using a CPAP machine since the beginning of August and it has completely changed my quality of life for the better. My ESS score is now a 3! Without fail, I am asleep within 5-8 minutes every night. I no longer need to take any sleep-aid medication. I wake up in the morning rested and actually awake; I don’t hit the snooze button anymore and I don’t slide out of bed like a sloth! My dreams are no longer realistic. I can exercise for twice the time I used to without needing a nap afterward! I no longer have sleep-deprived headaches. I am not as ornery and ill-tempered as I used to be an on average I have 2-3hr/day of extra wake time!

Had I not visited Dr. Maya Thomas and been properly diagnosed, I would be spending unnecessary amounts of time, energy, money and medicine on trying to address the symptoms, instead of the underlying problem. I strongly agree with her metaphor of treating health issues like the growth of a tree … start from the bottom and work your way up! Because of Dr. Thomas’ knowledge, encouragement and desire to help, I am happier and healthier than I have ever been. Thank you!

Theresa, August, 2017

“I had an appointment with you today and you completely blew me away with information and answered so many of my questions. I never knew so much of what I was experiencing could be related to the sleep study results, sleep apnea! I just wanted to thank you for informing me and I am so excited to see how this will help me. THANK YOU SO MUCH”

Mary R., June 15, 2016

“I had not been able to sleep more then 3-4 hours at a time for years. I was referred to Dr. Thomas, who did a series of tests, followed by a home sleep study. The next test was an overnight study done in her offices. I was found to have severe apnea, which I was totally unaware of. Got fitted for a C-Pap and the first night I used it, slept 7 1/2 hours without getting up in the middle of the night. Been using the C-Pap going on a month now and have been sleeping between 7 and 8 hours per night….every night. Has made a big difference in my energy level and my life in general.”

Andrea V., September 01, 2015

“Dear Dr. Thomas,
Seven years ago I came in to see you because even with a c-pap I was still falling asleep at stoplights. You ordered an MRI & I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation. I realized I had never thanked you when I saw your photo on a website recently. Because of this diagnosis I was able to have surgery for the Chiari Malformation. Today I am happy & healthy — no more migraines every day all day long — no longer falling asleep at the drop of a hat. Because of you I am alive & well. Thank you for your decisiveness and skill. You truly saved my life.”

Larry B., August 03, 2015

“I have been seeing Dr. Maya Thomas for several years. Epilepsy and sleepapnea conditions brought me to her expertise. Each visit I attended with my wife. We are very grateful for her professionalism and thoroughness.There have been times when I have wanted to “get by” with lower standards for my mask, i. e. , leaks, when Dr. Thomas knew so much better. It seems so obvious now. I am thankful for holding fast in a kind way, exploring alternatives, to fix the issues. I am grateful to have the Vegas Nerve Stimulator implanted for my seizure condition. My life is much better. Many of areas are very complex. I feel good talking with Dr.Thomas in active conversation seeking treatment answers.”

Donel C., May 9, 2014

“Dr. Maya Thomas,
I would like to thank you for the good care your group has given me at your place especially the day I did the two hour sleep study. Danielle was very helpful and very professional, gave a good test. She made good recommendations such as the new mask for me, also.

I would like to thank you for recommendations to the changes of the mask and the new settings of 15-18 cm. Last night was my first time I used the new mask and settings. I slept all night for the first time, I didn’t get up once. I slept 8.4 hours and the meter read 5.4 so I was very happy about that, I had no problems with the mask at all. I appreciate what your crew did for me that day of service.
Thank you again,
Donel C.”

Bob W., December 17, 2013

“I must admit that I was skeptical. No way I could have a sleep disorder and seeing my wife use a CPAP machine for several years made me think I can never sleep with that thing.

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was referred to Dr. Thomas and went to her for the first sleep test, She recommended that my sinus’s be opened up before she could make an accurate assessment.. Her tests showed that I had mild “sleep apnea” but my other nose problems were masking the symptoms.

After sinus surgery Dr. Thomas’s next test clearly showed that I was having several ‘stopped breathing’ episodes every hour. For 30 years I thought my nose was just plugged. Dr. Maya’s thorough testing and diagnosis has literally saved my life. The proper CPAP machine with the correct adjustments and mask for your face (my nose is narrow and I have a beard) is critical and Dr. Maya was instrumental in helping me get the right combination.

I now sleep soundly with none of the tossing and turning I thought was ‘normal’ for decades.I awake refreshed and ready to go. You don’t know what you are missing until you get checked for a sleep disorder. If needed, the next step is to get fitted for the proper equipment and have Dr. Maya guide you with the fine tuning.

Before I started using the CPAP machine with a open sinus tract, my wife noticed that I was getting a bit erratic in the memory area. She was the one who first insisted I go to see Dr. Maya. Well, I am pleased to report that I am back to my old self able to multi task multiple projects and I am sleeping like I could never have imagined.”

Shirley M., October 17, 2011

“Thank you so much for your help in my life. You found the brain tumor, you found the hole in my heart. My life has been greatly increased in quality and prolonged for good purposes to be found. I thank you and my family thanks you.”

George A., March 15, 2014

“Thank you very much for seeing me and for the most professional medical examination that I have had in many, many years, if ever. You put my mind at ease.”